Sunday, June 2, 2013

HEALING MEALS -cooking workshops in Tervuren/Belgium

Now the meals will be alkalizing to ensure basic-acidic balance.
First we cook and bake then we eat what we prepared.
-we want to reach acidic-alkaline balance
-we want to know our ingredients, avoid biotech aromas that are showing as natural flavors on the packaging, and they are produced in laboratories harming our health. 
-we want to bring variety on our table
-we want to enjoy it

8. Jun 11:00-14:0, Menu: fresh mint tee,

alu parotha -potato stuffed roti, made of full grain flour,  enriched with the healing ajuwan and the intelligent kurkuma,alkalizing tabuleh with lemon, lot of parsely and cold pressed oil.











9.Jun. 11:00-14:00, Menu: fresh mint tee,

and anti carcinogen south Indian vegetable dish  (Beetroot based) and samosa -healthy yet delicious version,  made of full grain flour, shallow fried instead of deep fried, enriched with the healing ajuwan and the intelligent kurkuma


Price: Eur35 with valid Aviva subscription, otherwise Eur40. 
Gift vouchers are available.

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