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Sphincters are a system of muscles that is the source of life's fundamental processes, these are the ring muscles or the sphincters. There are ring muscles in various parts of the body, both internally and externally. It's their coordinated and harmonious contraction and relaxation that initiates breathing, digestion,circulations, elimination, and all muscular motion. there is nothing in human body that is not affected by the ring muscles.

This technique I learned from Peter Gadish, who teaches most of all actors in Barcelona in order to produce better quality of voice. For the same purpose he himself had to practice only eye exercises for one year at the Theater Department of Tel Aviv Usniversity of Arts. Today Peter's most prominent actress student is Maria Stoyanova, who uses the technique in her every day life.

Professor Y. Goldhammer M.D., Head of the Department of Neurology in the Israeli Tel Hashomer Hospital says about the ring muscles techniques in the book "Secret Of The Ring Muscles  / Healing Yourself through Sphincter Exercises" by Paula Garbourg that
"Activation of the sphincters -the muscles surrounding the various orifices of the human body- is based on the observation of Mrs. Paula Garbourg, that all the sphincters work in unison. The activity of one muscle is likely to affect the activity of another muscle, even one located some distance away. Relying on this principle, it is possible, by performing systematic exercises, to strengthen weak muscles and, for example, to correct irregularities of posture. To bring this point home, let us take the example of a woman of about forty, suffering from the fairly common combination of low back pain, headache, sinusitis, blocked nasal passages, constipation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, a prolapsed uterus, impaired bladder control, insomnia, irritability, and depression. Her doctor is likely to prescribe some form of medication, or to send her to one or more of the following: an orthopedic surgeon; a neurologist; an ear, nose and throat specialist; a general surgeon; a gynecologist; a urologist; or psychiatrist. Each of these will likely suggest medication and/or surgery. Yet based on my experience, it is responsible to assume that, despite protracted and diverse treatments, there will be no marked improvement in the unfortunate woman's condition. Her numerous and various affliction may well stem from a slackness of the muscles of the back and the pelvic floor. Strengthening these muscles, giving up high-healed shoes, and acquiring correct habits of posture (standing, walking, and so on) may well cure her completely, proving once again the old saying, mens sana in copore sano (a sound mind in a sound body)
Paula Garbourg's sphincter gymnastics have numerous times succeeded where a variety of medical treatments have failed. "

As a result of illness, Paula Garbourg  became very restricted in movements at the age of thirty-five. One day, a doctor told her that she would need a wheelchair. She couldn't accept it. She found it contrary to her nature. Long time back, when she was young she studied singing. She noticed then if she sang standing tiptoe her breathing became stronger and surer. When she heard the shocking news about the wheelchair, she remembered what had happened when she sang standing tiptoe. She contracted the wear sphincters that shaped the sphincters in her throat in a way that she could actually create a nicer voice. She began practicing movements that she had not performed before. She kept practicing and soon she was able to walk again.

Let's see an example, one from the easier and more rewarding exercises. People tend to respond rather rapidly to the "OOO-EEE" exercise, when we relax and contract the lips.
It acts beneficially on all the sphincters of the face, on the lower sphincters, and on the feet, the hands, and the whole body.

This is a clear-cut opening and closing exercise that consists of shifting the mouth extreme contraction to extreme expansion. It has a strong normalizing effect on all the sphincters, and works the back and abdominal muscles alternately.

To perform the exercises, enunciate the sounds "oooo" and "eeee" alternately. Contract the lips as strongly as possible while saying the "ooo", and expand the mouth as much as possible while saying the "eee".  Don't keep doing until fatigue, but up to three to five minutes. 
First do it while lying down, later you can try standing.
This exercise releases many tensions, and doing so it affects stability and balance.

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