Thursday, September 12, 2013

Aviva TimeTable in and around Brussels

Upcoming Aviva Initiations held by Katalin:  

12 Jun 10:00-13:00 in  Tervuren  / Belgium 
10. July 10:30-12:30 Tervuren / Belgium and
several sessions in NewYork in mid August
For detailed program:
Get in touch:; or 04999 85091

Program of the workshops:
First you learn the core movements
Then the Aviva Choreographs for the 30 and the 15 minutes versions.
These you can practice alone at home if you can't find a practicing group near you.
If you intend to achieve something specific with these exercises 
(to solve fertility issues, irregular cycle, stop pre-menopause, ease menopausal symptoms, etc)
here we can see recommendations for you personally.

You may send it up front in email or we can discuss it then, as you wish.
Apart from the 30 and 15 minutes practice twice a week,
there are few minutes versions that you can practice daily if recommended.

Some of the health problems react better on the exercises in combination with certain food choices.
Therefore we have a little hormonal meal at the end of the workshop,
in order to sample case an enjoyable yet hormonally supporting meal.

On the 6hrs version you additionally learn the Tibetan Hormonal Stimulating Sequence and exercises from the Ring Muscle Techniques.

Parking is free in the area on Sundays.
You need comfortable cloths, no sneakers, but shoes with soft sole or socks only.

Attendance fee:
You may pay on sight (for the 3 hrs workshop is Eur60 in case of purchase of a subscription for the practice classes, otherwise Eur68. For the 6hrs workshop it's $120)
or you may make the participation fee over electronically -pls let me know if it's more suitable for you.

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