Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A True Fruit of the Endo-Gym classes (endocrine gymnastic) and the Aviva Dance

Hi Kat
I thought I would mail you after all these months to share my happiness with you and with all the moms-to-be who now suffer from infertility issues. My little boy, Vince was born on the 9th of April. We’ve been waiting for the conception for years… For about half year I’ve participated in the Endo-Gym classes once, sometimes twice a week, and then he conceived. I’m positive that it happened thanks to the classes, to the Aviva dance, and, I truly believe, that to the meditation that we did couple of times at the end of the sessions. The visualization meant an incredible breakthrough to me. I imagined as he would be there in my tummy and while doing so I became open to his reception.
Thank you so much for your help!
I’ll join the girls as soon as I can organize some time off next to the baby…

Upcoming Events:
HORMONE WORKSHOPS: once a month in Tervuren, several times in New York in August.
Practice classes in Eu Commission, Committee and Council in Brussels, Vossem Turnt, Tree of Life Yoga house Tervuren; Time table;
Get in touch: www.endo-gym.com; 04999 85091
Full Moon Walk once a month, free program.

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