Sunday, April 7, 2013

Aviva Workshops in Brussels

The AVIVA Dance is a series of exercises that -when practicing the 18 basic steps long or short versions- give women a powerful tool to be able to control their cycle, fertility, pregnancy,  menopausal symptoms, PCOS, etc. It's developed over decades by the Israeli Aviva Gabriella Steiner.

The basic steps consist out of 18 exercises that stimulates and strengthens the inner and outer muscles of the lower abdominal area and increases blood-flow to all reproductive organs. By practicing the exercises on a regular basis those organs receive a more steady supply of blood, increased amount of hormones, nutrients and oxygen. This stimulation, strengthening and nourishment of the muscles and organs of the pelvic region results in healing of various gynecological problems, naturally balanced hormones and reproductive health. (wikipedia; )
We can learn it and all the necessary information regardingly during a 4 hours long initiation course, which starts with an alkalizing lunch.

In the 4 hrs we
  • go through how this method can help and in which problems  (weak pelvic floor, irregular cycle, fibroid, cysts, PCOS, infertility, menopausal symptoms, PMS, etc.)
  • endocrine balance supporting meal to showcase how it can be useful and enjoyable at the same time (the method is more efficient if combined with the proper eating habbits)
  • Learning  the18 basic Aviva steps (when practiced fluently will take 30min ), so it can practiced individually at home
  • Learning the short version of the 18 steps (when practiced fluently will take 15 min), so it can practiced individually at home if no time for the 30 minutes version.

Ideally you can practice it twice a week.

For the workshop: You will need support bra, comfortable cloths and warm socks or shoes with soft sole (we use the flexibility of the sole, I will explain why). We start with a lunch, no need to eat beforehand.

The program costs Eur60 if you subscribe for the weekly practice classes, otherwise Eur68. The subscription is valid for 6 months for any of the classes in Brussels, and it's Eur120. Practice classes payed occasionally: Eur13. The Endo-Gym Timetable in Brussels you can find here. We are in 3 locations 5 times a week for 7 classes. 2 classes are variable, depending on bookings. They may be ovulation/progesterone stimulating exercises, meno or mens exercises.

Upcoming HORMONE WORKSHOPS in Belgium 
get in touch:
For full program:   http://AvivaMethodBelgium

register: +32 / 04999 85091

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