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Sexy above fourty. Experiences with the Aviva Method

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I conceived at the age of 42 and delivered my little son without episiotomy. (How you, your wife or your friend can do the same, read here) My recovery was quicker than after my first delivery 8 years before! The kine in the hospital found my pelvic muscles in an exceptional good shape. My dear ladies on Earth, it's worth to practice the Aviva Method!!! (May. 2012.)

Carine had chemotherapy a year before she visited my classes. She and her husband thought about having one more child, but as everybody told her, she stood no chance.  She aimed to fix her reproductive hormone levels with my classes. At one point she disappeared. I thought, yep, long holidays...Till I got her mail. "The Aviva Method is so efficient, that now I don't  know if I should attend the Aviva Prenatal classes or the Aviva 18steps, because I'm 10 months pregnant." -she wrote.
She made my day. Isn't it wonderful?

Timea (41) was diagnosed with early menopause and empty ovaries. She practiced the Aviva Basics with me twice a week. In September 2013. about a year after the diagnosis her gynecolog found a 0.8mm egg and a month later in October an other 2 smaller eggs.

Beata had two-three periods a year till she came to the Aviva Initiation in 2012 December. She was 38 then! She had strong pain after the session, visited her gynecolog, who saw that something is different, but didn't find anything abnormal. The pain ended with an unexpected period, and afterwards her cycle became normal, monthly. In August she called me that she wants to come to my Aviva prenatal classes. She's 39, she was told not being able to conceive in a natural way. Now she's pregnant.
(October 2013.)

Lengthening the cycle and put an end to the days long, light bleeding prior the period - three girls from my groups achieved this last month. One of them had always 20-24 days long cycle -till now. Her last cycles was 28 days. We can achieve this with 4 different exercises, out of which minimum one has to be practiced every day for 2 minutes. (The light bleeding is usually associated with the low level of luteinizing hormone, which is often the result of short cycle. )
I do everything to motivate the girls and encourage their perseverance, but the real credit is to them when they don't give up.
(Sep. 2013.)

Vera with PCOS has suffered from migraines for years. We discussed her symptoms and potential allergies and agreed she would start a gluten free diet. After our Aviva Initiation in June she started to eat alkaline, stopped gluten and started the 18steps twice a week. She's had no more migraines ever since and she got her periods in the past three months. We are aiming to improve the length of her cycle now. (Aug 2013.)

Sandy (left) with PCOS has a little son now thank to the Aviva Method and Sandy's stamina. Her full story you can read on 

Kinga uses step6 successfully in case of cramps on the first day of her period. (July 2013)

Crisitie was diagnosed with early menopause and she was put on drugs. After a while her gyno stopped the treatment because Cristie did not react good. Her gyno warned her that she can not expect ovulation, nor period that month. That's when she came to the Initiation which already resulted in an ovulation and 14 days later the period. We are working on making it regular. (July. 2013)

Silvi suffered from PCOS, missed her period for half year and without any seeming reason she started to gain weight. She came to learn the Aviva Method and from than on she practiced the 18steps twice a week. In july she had already her period, and managed to lose couple of kg's as well. (July 2013.)

Ila's had one week spotting before her period for a year. As soon as she started practicing  the Aviva 18steps once a week, the spotting stopped. (May 2013)

For years, after her second delivery Mari has lived with the symptoms of stress incontinence. Having learned the Aviva basic steps as well as the Aviva Incontinence exercises, she feels like a young woman again. She says if she practices the 18 steps twice a week and some of the incontinence exercises when she's got time, there are no symptoms anymore. (Apr. 2013.)

Beata had three periods a year usually. In November 2012 she's done the Aviva Initiation where she learned the basic steps and the whole lifestyle concept that all women need to know for long lasting, healthy hormone levels. She told me in April next year that from than on she had her period monthly. 
(Apr. 2013.)  

Ian has suffered with prostate problems for 3 years. His partners left him during this time. At the end of the third year he felt no need for finding even a sex partner anymore. Since he’s been exercising he feels confident to look for a partner again. (Jan. 2011.)

Peter has accompanied his wife to the exercises just to give support to his wife. Eventually he learnt the mens set of exercises. At the end of the training he confided -”I feel often the sexual urge , but this heat at my prostate I’ve never felt before!...” (Sep. 2010.)

Marta learnt the Aviva method to extend her short menstruation cycle. Apart from this she managed to reach something else, too. She confided on the phone happily that her husband noticed the positive difference in bed which improved the relationship. (July 2010.)

Ana had suffered with irregular menstruation since the age of 18. Her gynaecologist prescribed her birth control pills, which resulted decreased libido, and long menstruation periods accompanied by painful cramps. Taking the pill she also experienced abnormal uterine bleeding often. with 10 days long periods. Going through an unsuccessful hormone treatment, her doctors eventually recommended D&C (dilatation and curettage). This was the time when she heard about the AVIVA method. She learnt the exercises that she now practises twice a week at home. After 2 months her menstruation cycle decreased to 6 days, and it also became regular without cramps. The abnormal bleeding has not occurred anymore. (Jan. 2011.)

Judit exercised to regulate her irregular menstruation cycle. She called us happily when she lost 5 kg on the top of regular cycle for 3 months in a raw. (Feb. 2010.)

Gabi couldn’t coop with her strong menstruation cramps other than taking pain relievers. She’s done so years after years, until the medication started to affect her liver seriously. Her doctors recommended removing her womb. Then she turned to the Aviva method. She was surprised the most when she did not have cramps anymore. (Aug. 2009.)

Judith had balloon tuboplasty three times, yet she could not concieve despite of years of trying. She learnt the exercises, and after 5 months of practicing twice a week she successfully concieved. (Sep. 2010.)

As Maya has been going through menopause she’s been suffering with hot flashes and insomnia. Every night after 12PM to dawn she would turn in bed with a burning sensation in the body. Her high pulse rate gave her mortal fear. After 4 weeks of Aviva exercises she has been sleeping well again. (Jun.2010.)

Tirca, in menopause, did not mind hot flashes that much, rather the excess hair growth made her worry. That’s why she started practicing the Aviva method. Couple of months later she could notice that her hot flashes disappeared and she didn't need her tweezers anymore. (March 2010.)

Esther had galactorrhea (a condition that occurs when one or both breasts make milk or a milky discharge).Her doctors recommended surgery in her pituitary gland (located in the brain). This scared her in a great deal. She went to see a naturopathic doctor who suggested her to turn vegetarian and start practicing the Aviva method. Six months into into the excersises her level of prolactin (pituitary hormone) got back to normal, and the discharge from her breasts stop. The only thing she minds slightly is her large breasts that became somewhat smaller. (March 2010.)

Chiara passed 40 when they found an ovarian cyst. After three months the cyst was still present and her Pap smear result did not improve either, (stayed P3).Then she started exercising the Aviva Method. Hardly two months later her Pap smear went down to P2 and the cyst was not found. Now she exercises for a baby.  (March 2010.)


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