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1. How to use it:
Extended Chart Selection
Methods: Special charts /
Type of chart: Lunar Phase Fertility Calendar
Fill in your birth data by clicking on “add a new person”

2.  What can you see

  • The calendar covers one year from the day you entered.
  • Only the Sundays are marked with the actual date
  •  The vertical red mark means the “Jonas Day”, when you are fertile;  the horizontal red lines on the three days prior meant to show the days you need to receive the sperm, so they’ve got time to reach the egg by the fertile day.
  • Above the fertile day the little symbol gives indication regarding the sex of the child. In case of no symbol it can be both girl and a boy.  To define the sex of the second or later children requires a little more attention; hence those have to be looked at in the light of the sex of the earlier born children. 
  • If you have your period on the fertile day, you still have the same chance for conception, unless you avoid the act. You can also work your period off from your Jonas Days with the Aviva Method. You do the panic exercise or nor7 from the 18basic steps for about 15-20 minutes 4days before your expected period. In case of questions you can get in touch with me:
3. Origin of the calendar
It relies on an ancient astrological observation that a woman is the most fertile when the phase of the moon is aligned with what it was at her birth.
In the 50’s Dr. Jonas studied the efficiency of the calendar involving more than 30 thousand couples and himself. With his wife they planed the sex and the birth of 11 children. There is much more to it when it comes to defining twins and the health of the unborn fetus.  You can check focused websites for deeper information: ,

4. Further remarks
·         The calendar can be used in case of healthy couples.  E.g. if one of the fallopian tubes is blocked the conception is still possible on the “Jonas Days” through the other. If both are completely blocked, it’s not. There are Aviva Method exercises that are successfully used to open up blocked fallopian tubes, so no worries, it's in your hands. Interesting: Among our Aviva clients it happened that a woman conceived with only one fallopian tube on one side and one ovary on the other!

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