Monday, August 19, 2013

Curiosity, that pays back - a Swiss blogger tried the Aviva Method


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Learning about the Aviva method and your body

Have you ever had that moment in your life where you said: “that’s it, I need to do something about it”? “It” being anything that holds you back mentally, physically and spiritually.
Then you start researching, asking, contacting various people on the subject, until you get satisfied, feel secure and safe with what you have discovered.
Back in January, I blogged about the Aviva method although the post was a general one on the topic. Now I am back to it with more energy, as I have my “that’s it” moment.Having pcos is not rare, but it is something that teaches you to stay in tune with your body, reminding you that a little extra attention goes a long way. There are days that I am angry at my body for not functioning “properly” or wonder how to get out of the pcos rat-hole.
Recently, I discovered Mindfulness meditation to add to my “support” kit in dealing with or better balancing my pcos. A clear state of mind can go far beyond any set or “programmed” expectations we might feel we have to achieve. So today, here and now, I choose to see pcos as a gift. It’s a way to feel “special”, if I can say that, it’s a way to honestly and clearly make peace with my body, mind and spirit.
In the past few days, the Aviva method has SO been on my mind. Since I had the exercise booklet, I thought to give it a go. Which I did, 5.30am when I could not feel at ease from too much thinking.
I did most of the 18 exercises of the “Simple Method” and before I knew it it was 7.00 am, I was feeling happy,  sweaty, but happy and what do you know…..two days later I got a reminder that my body got the message too.
Unfortunately, Aviva instructors in Switzerland are down to zero, so I got in touch with lovely Kat over Skype. I was surprised to hear so many interesting things about the exercises and how they can help you regulate your cycle, tame your PMS and cramping, and even help you ovulate. She’s a wonderful Aviva instructor, willing to do distant teaching of the basics with me.

The full article is available here 

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