Thursday, September 12, 2013

Aviva For the Pregnant

When I was pregnant with my son, we toke pictures of all the 12 Aviva Prenatal exercises. This is nor5.
Pregnancy begins with conception, and lasts until a woman gives birth. The mother's body goes through enormous changes during this period, ensuring that her fetus has the most optimal conditions for healthy development. In order to facilitate a smooth pregnancy and birth, it is essential to increase the flexibility of the joints and muscles around the spinal cord, the pelvis and the vagina.
If we aer psychologically and physically prepared, we will likely have a natural birth, free of complications. Learning how to breathe is an essential part of these prenatal exercises, partly because the muscles we use during labor require an increased oxygen supply. These exercises include movements that open the chest and ribs, in order to boost the vital capacity of the lungs. Furthermore, the exercises increase the flexibility of the lower body by opening the pelvis, as well as improving the elasticity of the entire spinal cord.

It is very important no to force breathing while practicing these prenatal exercises. It is enough to become aware of our breath, and sometimes even simple thing, such as counting the breath, may result in the necessary focus.

The program consists out of 12 exercises taking 30 minutes.

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