Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Shape after half year of Aviva Practice

It's really fun to practice the Aviva Method in groups. The sessions we start with gland stimulating exercises to warm up the body all over, especially glands like hypophyisis, thyroid, ovaries, etc. These exercises are followed by the Aviva 18 basic steps.  This takes 30 minutes.

The Aviva Basics do a great job on the back, buttocks and pelvic muscles apart from all the other benefits.
Yet, we thought with the girls, that we can enhance the affect on our visible parts: abdomen and buttocks. Half year ago we started to add an extra 5-7 minutes of focused work on this area. *Those who practice the Aviva  Method to fix infertility problems do stretching in this 5-7 minutes.

Looking at the mirror the other day, I realized that the result of the past half year is quite visible. I can go back to my two peace suit on the beach :) Would you tell that I've got 2 kids and I am above 40?


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