Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Overcoming an ectopic pregnancy with Aviva Dance -Adrienne Hudak's story

In he first trimester Adrienn Hudakne Toth (Nyiregyhaza, Hungary) was diagnosed with embryo implanted in the fallopian tube. Her GYN recommended her to come back for control couple of times weekly, so he can monitor what's happening, and if the pregnancy remains ectopic, for the best, he would have to do a surgery around the 12th week. Worried that she would lose one of her ovaries, she practiced one of the Aviva exercises every day for 5 minutes. After three weeks her GYN found out, that the embrio has moved down to the uterus and implanted there. In January 2015 she delivered a healthy baby boy. 
She asked me to add, that she believed in the success all way long. 
Her Aviva instructor is T√ľnde Orosz.

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