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Hot Water Irrigation -rejuvenates the feminine parts.

One of our GYNO Aviva instructors found this protocol in medical school books from the 50's.

There is no laboratory formula to it, it has never been patented, consequently
it got missed out from recent protocols. 

However, among many other women, my teacher (Livia Toth) experienced it's wonderful healing power in a super painful condition, that was pushing her towards radical surgery. During her third delivery the uterus slipped, she was diagnosed with P.O.P., Pelvic Organ Prolapse. Her gyno's recommended hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), that she refused.
Difficult years followed. After refusing medical "help" that her doctors offered, she could not count on their support when she was exhausted to work due to all the bleedings, pain and weakness. They didn't give her the slip to be able to stay at home for a day and keep her job. 

For years she hasn't found the solution and was living with all symptoms that an increased severity of POP associated with. Such as urinary and faecal incontinence, sexual dysfunction, irregular bleedings, etc. 

Until she heard about this old medical protocol, the Hot Water Irrigation, along couple of exercises that further helped her in rejuvenating the lost inner balance.

The exercises we practice during Endo-Gym classes and I teach on my workshops. You are welcome to come and try. With regards to the irrigation here I'm sharing the recipe.

The Cure is 3 months long. During pregnancy it's highly prohibited.
It's well recommended an alkalizing diet alongside.
Start on the 4th days of the periods (or on the 4th following day after new moon).
In the first 11 days irrigate both in the mornings and the evenings.
The next 10 days irrigate only in the evenings.
The following 7-8 days you take a break, the periods will happen without irrigation.
Restart the irrigation on the 4th day of the periods again.

The jar to hold the water needs to have at least a capacity of 2 liters from the old school.
If you remember of those... Fancy designs that offer you to pump the liquid into your body or the vaginal cleansing balls are not sufficient for this purpose. Look for the old fashioned jar that you can hang up or hold above your head and leads the water to your body through a longer pipe.

Fill the jar with 2l warm water that you set to  44 degrees / 111.2 Fahrenheit.
It's not easy to find thermometer that measures up to such high temperature...
For me it toke one week. At the end of the first week of my cure 
I found the thermometer in a pet shop at the aquarium division.
That's how I learnt that just by hand feel you can't judge! 
You absolutely need the thermometer.
I was always thinking that the temperature has to be just bearable,
but when I had the thermometer it turned out, that just bearable for me is close to 50 degrees / 122 Fahrenheit...
If it's 44 degrees in the jar, by the time it enters the body it will cool down a little. As expected, to 43 degrees / 109.4 Fahrenheit.
Setting the right temperature is challenging sometimes.
You will find yourself taking half a liter of cooler or warmer water out from the jar, 
then the opposite back in, etc, until you get to the right temperature.
Bare with it! Practice makes master.
When you have the right temperature add 2 tablespoons of salt 
to the water and wait till it fully dissolves.
At the end of the process it's recommended to apply natural oil 
on the vaginal wall as high as you can reach and keep the body warm.

According to experience the cure was found efficient in case of 
bacterial, fungal, even viral (HPV) infections, further in case of severe P.O.P.

I happily found that the cure has a significant rejuvenating effect 
on the intim body parts!!! 

For those, who are more sensitive to heat, above device is developed 
(see the picture), so the water pouring back is led in a separate pipe, 
not touching the skin. 
To do the irrigation standing or sitting in a bathtub is perfect. 
My teacher was sensitive to heat, and she didn't have above double pipe system.
She found that laying in a bathtub is the safest.
This position may also help to get the water as high up as possible in case of using above device, which has a short head.

Note: don't go to spa or swimming pool during the cure! 

Enjoy the benefits!
and let me know about your experience!

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