Friday, December 23, 2016

Full Grain, Low Sugar Christmas Beigli Without Yeast

Full Grain, Low Sugar Christmas Beigli Without Yeast
With Walnut, Puppy Seed or Chestnut Filling

§  400 gr full grain spelt flour
§  100 gr coconut fat
§  1 piece of egg
§  3 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate
§  1 pinch of salt optional
§  3 dl water or milk

Quick Sourdough instead of yeast
(otherwise the dough will break easily)
§  6 tablespoon full grain spelt flour
§  3 tablespoon yoghurt with bifidus
§  2 table spoon warm water

Filling for all three types
§  320 gr rough ground walnut or 320 gr ground puppy seed
Or 150gr meshed cooked chestnut + 200gr ground almond
§  150 gr xilit or unrefined cane sugar
§  1 table spoon cinnamon powder
§  120 gr raisin (resoaked and washed) optional
§  4 tablespoon (ideally self made) apricot jam 
§  5 tablespoon water or milk into the walnut filling;
10 tablespoons to the puppy seed filling and no further liquid to the chestnut filling.

§  1 piece of Egg to apply on the top before baking

Start with mixing the sourdough and live it on a warm place for min 1 hr.
For the filling mix the dry ingredients, then the jam and water or milk.

For the dough mix the dry ingredients again,
With your hand work the coconut fat in it till smooth.
Add the egg and water or milk, finally the sourdough.
Leave it resting till you prepare the tray and the oven warms up.

Switch on the oven to 180C.
Wipe a thin layer of coconut fat on your baking tray and
Apply a thin layer of spelt flour on it by knocking the bottom of the tray gently.

Roll the dough to a square shape, as long as your tray, 3mm thin,
apply the filling evenly on the whole surface and roll it up.

With two hands or with a help of a spatula lift the beilgi into the tray.

Mix egg yolk and white well and wipe the top of the beigli with it.
This will give a shiny coating to it when baking and avoids drying out.

Bake it for about 40 min. and
enjoy in these upcoming days.

If you have suggestions, pls share!

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