Saturday, April 6, 2013

After PCOS, Sandy has concieved

By the time I delivered, I got all necessary baby articles, maxi cosi, baby bed, bath, pram anything that the little boy of an Aviva instructor friend of mine grew out of.  Then what I could, I passed on to her friend, Sandy. She delivered 4 months later than me, after years and years of waiting, waiting and trying. 
I met her in December, her son was then 4 months old.

Sandy as lean as before her pregnancy was looking out the window thinking…and she started to tell me her story:

"I was born in Colombia, my father is from there, but when I was 9 my parents divorced, and my mom, who’s Hungarian, moved to Hungary with me and my sisters...I was bullied by my new class mates, felt generally unhappy, and early, I know, I started to find comfort in substances. By age of 13 I reached heroin.
Till then 2-3 times I had my period. And as I went deeper and deeper in this drug abuse my feminine cycle entirely stopped working. I didn’t even notice. Those days it wasn’t important at all… I went through hell….It took years for me to learn how to live without drugs... When I was 21 finally I found the right place in the mountains, in Komlo, that really helped me to become clean. So there I was healthy again one hand, the other hand I didn’t have my period. It started to bather me. I went from gynecologist to gynecologist, but no improvement. Some of them prescribed me hormones that resulted in periodic bleedings as long as I took the medicines But they were too strong for long term. I was not supposed to keep going on with them. My ovaries were full with cysts, I got diagnosed with PCOS.
By then with my husband we desperately wanted to have a baby… I was 26.
When I heard about the Aviva Method, it left no questions to me. I thought I got to try it out and give it a chance. I couldn’t believe when after the initiation session my period came!
Such hopeful results I’ve never dreamed of. This gave me a great deal of motivation to practice the 18 basic Aviva steps at home twice a week. After half year my cysts have disappeared, further I even conceived…Unfortunately the pregnancy ended with a miscarriage.
I lost faith and stopped practicing the dance.
Two years passed by when I managed to put myself together again and reestablished practicing. Alone, at home, twice a week 30 minutes. My period became normal again, and I simply enjoyed the purification that it gave me every month. I also developed a routine about using pregnancy tests each morning. After a while I didn’t even have a proper look at them, just used to throw them into the bin and would turn to the door leaving the bathroom. Till one morning at the door I realized that I saw two stripes.
Can you imagine? On the test I threw away there were actually two stripes!
This time everything was fine, at the end I was even overdue with two weeks.
Our little son was born with 3.7kg, 58cm. perfectly healthy and he got only the breast till today. He’s 4 months now."

We, Aviva instructors are so happy to see these mothers. I wish we could help all the girls who experience infertility or PCOS.

How to use the Aviva Method, what it is exactly you can read more here

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