Sunday, April 7, 2013

ALKALIZING THAI CURRY – all by yourself with locally available ingredients

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Ingredients for 4-6 portions: vegetables (1 smaller aubergine, 3 bigger potatoes, 2 carrots, 1 cup peas, 5 pieces of mushrooms, half red pepper  – the dish can be still delicious if any of these vegetables are missing),  fresh ginger,  5 cloves of garlic, green chilli, 6 pieces of lime leaves, turmeric,  1/2 l coconut milk, 2 coffee spoon salt and half deciliter olive oil. 

Peel the garlic and press the cloves flat with a knife. Leave it on the air for about 10 minutes to ensure the strongest antibiotic effect of the garlic.

Peel and clean the vegetables and chop them to cubes. The mushroom and the red pepper can be sliced thin.

Because we don't use ready made pastes or aroma's, the ginger and the chilli will make our curry spicy.  We can manipulate the spice level in three ways.

·        The amount of these two ingredients

·        If we sate the chilli in oil in the very beginning it loses from its power.

·        Depending when we add the ginger it can make the curry very spicy or just gives it a special flavor. The longer we cook it in the dish the stronger it will be.

So heat up the oil in a dish and throw into the lime leaves, the chile as much as needed but min1), and the half of the garlic. I bought frozen lime leaves in Asian shops, but it's possible to use the leaves of your own lime or lemon tree.  

When the garlic is soft, before it would turn brown add the vegetables except for the mushroom, peas -if deep frozen- and the red pepper.

Because I like the spice level light I add the ginger only with the mushroom and peas 5-10 minutes later.  

When the potato is soft add the red pepper, turmeric, left over garlic and the coconut milk. This needs only 2-3 minutes cooking and the curry is ready.

Naturally it's an excellent combination with rice but sometimes I mix it with pasta for daughter.

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