Friday, October 18, 2013

Fibroids from a natural approach

“We should not start treating the diseases, but should focus on lifestyle management. If we fix the problems of our lifestyle, diseases will disappear by themself”  (Are Wearald)

With other words a disease can be cured if we know what caused it, if we know the source.  Then the only thing we need to do is to eliminate the source and the disease will disappear.
The medical doctor Hanish, the founder of the Mazdaznan movement, says that the uterus has three tasks:
1. With the help of the luteinizing hormone every month the uterus revitalizes the female body.
2. With the menstruation the uterus detoxifies the female body
3. Reproduction

Throughout the phylogeny the uterus developed to serve all these three functions. This requires plenty of blood supply!!! If this blood supply is blocked because of any reason, we transfer our uterus to a soil of diseases.

FIBROID – if fibroid is diagnosed Aviva exercises are not recommended during the period! Further during the period it’s not recommended to eat garlic or any other meal that results in increased blood flow in the lower abdomen such as cinnamon, eggs, etc)
During pregnancy the fibroid is growing together with the fetus, so it’s crucial to cure the fibroid first and then conceive. It may press the fetus or grow to a size that the uterus has to be removed eventually.
Reasons of fibroid:
1. Sleeping on the belly or on the sides.  Doing so the intestines with all their content press the uterus and this way they create a block for free blood fl ow.
Dr Hanish says that bowel, urine, sweat, acne are all products of detoxification.  Whenever the body can’t flush some toxic content out of our system, it will store them in a place that is found to be a “trash can”. “Trash can” can be any part of the body that is not 100% healthy. It can be a strained lumbar section, an inflamed ovary, or a uterus with insufficient blood supply.
2. Constipation , similar explanation as above, taking into consideration that sitting the whole day with curved back, the intestines with all their content press the uterus whole day long.
3. Sudden end of a harmonious sexual life or when the woman can’t enjoy sexual intercourse for long period of time.
4. Unhealthy diet that results in putrefaction and fermentation in the intestines.  The toxins of the gases get released by these processes and they impair the organs in the lower abdomen. 

In our Aviva practice we have plenty of examples of women, who managed to avoid surgical removal of fibroids by exercising the Aviva Basics 18 steps.
One lady for instance got so scared from the surgery and she had such a short time till the planned operation, that -from her own decision- she did the 18steps as many times as she could in a DAY. Her recovery was the most incredible in my experience. But I know others, who slowly diminished the fibroids with  following all above advices and practicing the 18steps twice a week only. 

It's all in your hands!!!

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