Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Alkalizing Indian Vegetable dish - 15 minutes

Carrot with Beetroot Indian way

India is huge with lots of different kitchen just like Europe. The Indian restaurants here are offering us only a narrow slice of the otherwise large cake. My husband for instance is Marwadi Indian, and their traditional meals are absolutely unknown at this part of the world. Yet it’s so-so delicious and so-so healthy! Having finished a dish he prepared we often test their affect with pH indicator, and guess what, it’s always alkaline. It means their ingredients help the chemical lab of our body to maintain the required pH of our blood (always pH7.35-7.45).

Let’s see how we can make this Carrot Beetroot dish in 15 minutes:
For 2 portions: 2 carrots, 1 beetroot, 1 teaspoon of Roman cumin seed, 1 chili, 3 table spoon grinded dry coconut, 1 onion, salt, 1/5 coffee spoon turmeric, olive oil.
Heat up the oil in a pan and throw the chili and the cumin. Before it got burnt add the carrot chopped to cubes, and about 5 minutes later the similarly chopped beet root. We sate them until they get relatively soft. Never over cook the vegetables!
In the meantime we heat up the oil in another pan for the finely chopped onion. Before we got it off the fire we add the turmeric and salt. When the vegetables are half soft, we add the onion and the coconut, and we are done.
Serve it with chapatti or with brown rice, and enjoy.

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