Friday, February 28, 2014

Reverse early menopause, slow down menopause

Those with menopause or early menopause, if you want to reverse or slow down the process, it's absolutely possible! Lot of "Avi Ladies" managed to do so.

Please, along the exercises take your entire lifestyle under radar. Diet is pivotal!

1.GRAINS - The types cultivated today are easier to process than digest. They suppress 7-12 different hormones that play important role in aging. Avoid pastas, pizzas, bread and go for rice, rice based pasta, corn, gluten free bread. Delicious gluten free recipes you can find here: Alkalizing Thai Curry , Alkalizing Aphrodiziac, Poha -and more to come.

2. ALCOHOL- according to the studies of Dr Hertogh even 1 glass of alcohol/day decreases your HGH (Human Growth Hormone, one of the most important hormone in aging) with 70-75%. He says we need to stay away from it at least 5 days a week, if 2 days off he closes his eyes above...

3. SWEETS - we talked a lot about sugar from other point of view, it also impairs the secretion of those hormones that keep us young, so as reproductive hormones!!!

4. which FOOD can INCREASE REPRODUCTIVE HORMONE levels -part I. - focus on progesterone: see former article

5. Lower FSH: eat more Chickpeas, Cinnamon and Salmon.

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