Sunday, October 20, 2013

AvivaOvu Exercises to Stimulate Progesterone that results in better ovulation

Do you want to have a baby? Or you just want to slow down aging and stimulate your progesterone production? Progesterone helps preventing breast cysts, ovarian cysts and uteral fibroids. We can stimulate our progesterone production in natural ways with certain ingredients in the meals or with exercises.

Aviva Gabriella Steiner found a series of movements that is efficiently stimulating our progesterone and ovulation. It's called the AvivaOvu Steps.

For many women, who for seemingly unknown reasons were unable to conceive, exercises of the Aviva Method played a very important and positive role in reaching this dream.

In my groups this set of exercises seems to be incredibly efficient. Currently 4 of my girls are pregnant, and for 2 of them these exercises made the difference after practicing the Aviva Basic steps for couple of months. Aviva always said that with the AvivaBasics you can optimize your hormone levels, energize your system. You need to start with the Aviva Basics - you practice those steps twice a week, and after about half year you can add the AvivaOvu exercise set. They are really strong. If I just show them while teaching I can feel my ovaries.

They not only stimulate circulation  in and around the organs of the lower abdomen, but they twist, fold and pull the Fallopian Tubes and the entire surrounding area. We feel more heat when practicing them, and a sense of static accumulation around the reproductive organs. It's very important to maintain this heat and energy that we have accumulated by drinking hot tea afterwards for instance.

HORMONE WORKSHOPS are held once a month in Tervuren / Belgium and several times in NewYor in the course of August. Timetable see here.
Practice Classes are help in the Eu Commission Brussels, Eu Committee Brussels, Vossem, Yoga House Tervuren. Time Table see here.

The training doesn't have to sit in the middle of your cycle.
The practice the other hand you should plan for 2-3 days prior to the wished ovulation.

About a year ago we stimulated ovulation outside of the cycle for one of the girls, who two days later experienced an exceptional ovulation when the conception did happen THEN! Today a wonderful baby girl is keeping the happy mom busy.

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