Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Indian Yellow Chickpeas, pumkin dhal and marwadi bhatie

We made pumpkin dhal, chickpeas and marwadi bhaties. The bhaties are little bread rolls, without egg, soda, baking powder or yeast, that we bake in the owen. 
If we want to warm it up later, we just sprinkle olive oil on them in a regular dish, and put it on the stove. This makes it delicious crispy. My kids just love it. So as I.

 All pH tests were in the wonderful dark pink- turquoise area at the end of the dinner. In digits: pH 7.4-8!!!
Chickpeas brings cholesterol down, so it's very beneficial in many conditions.
In the bhatie's we always put ajowan. You can read about its healing properties in an earlier article.
I'm sending the recipes in the coming 2 days.

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