Monday, December 2, 2013

One more Aviva Baby is coming

I've got this mail today from one of my Aviva girls.

She was diagnosed with early menopause earlier this year. Under 40 it's unacceptable, especially when one wants a baby. According to her state then her doctor warned her not to expect any ovulation, nor period in the course of Jun.
That's when she started my Aviva classes at Rue Belliard in the lunch breaks.
In  that very first cycle she experienced symptoms of ovulation and 2 weeks later she had her period. 
Today is 2nd December:

Prenatal classes I give only to those who became pregnant with my Aviva sessions! 
It takes half an hour, possible twice a week in Rue Belliard after or before the Aviva Basics. The weekly schedule of all regular Aviva classes you can find here.

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